Travel & Pet Export

Are you moving or travelling to another country? We would love to help. Many countries have specific requirements that need to be met before your pet is granted entry into their country. Although it seems like a waste of time and energy, this is a protection against the introduction of foreign diseases (eg. rabies and other reportable diseases). Some countries are free from many diseases that we have in Canada therefore they have stricter regulations on what is required prior to allowing an animal across their border. The introduction of a foreign disease into a “naïve” country may have detrimental consequences for native wildlife populations or an already endangered species. So, we need to do our part in their conservation!

When getting prepared to travel to a foreign country, the first thing you need to do is get the proper documentation from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) website. If you’re not sure where to find the proper document to print, call the CFIA or the clinic and somebody will help direct you.

**Please respect the paper dimensions indicated on the application before printing. Many of these applications require single sided printing on legal size paper.**

Make an extra copy for you and pre-fill the fields with the necessary information. This will make it so much easier for your veterinarian when they fill out the official copy.

The documentation will have all of the necessary instructions of what needs to be done so you can obtain all of the necessary documentation, tests, treatments, and final signatures to get your pet into the other country without problems or delays.

Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Review the entire application/instructions carefully first prior to your appointment with your veterinarian and bring all of the necessary documentation so all of the fields can be filled out. Not having all of the information with you will only cause delays or needing to rebook your appointment when you are better prepared.
  2. Please note that some necessary diagnostic tests are performed in laboratories outside of the country and may require several weeks to months before results are received. Make sure to contact your veterinarian to find out how much time will be needed well before your departure date (3-6 months)!! **Unless travelling to the USA.
  3. If the application is lengthy, booking two appointments will sometimes be required to perform all the necessary steps, don’t wait last minute!
  4. Do not pre-fill the “official” copy of the application for the veterinarian, as the same writing must be found throughout the form.
  5. If your signature is required, always sign with a blue pen.
  6. If you must print your name, always write using all capitals.
  7. Book your appointment at the CFIA earlier in the week to allow time to correct any mistakes by your veterinarian.

You will need to book an appointment with an official veterinarian at the CFIA. Your appointment with the CFIA veterinarian can be pre-booked but make sure it is scheduled to happen after your final appointment with your veterinarian.

Here in North Bay, the CFIA office is located at:

107 Shirreff Ave, North Bay, ON P1B 7K8

(705) 495-5995

The official CFIA veterinarian will review the entire application and either point out erroneous information and have you return to your veterinarian to have it corrected or everything will be fine and they will sign (endorse) and stamp your document and you are all set!!

**Please verify the CFIA website for accuracy but the current (2018) endorsement fee is $20.

Please note: that if there are any delays in your departure date after all documentation has been signed and treatments given, some applications have an expiry date and some treatments may have to be re-administered in accordance with your new departure date. If this happens to you, please contact us and we will assist you as best as we can.